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Thread: Seeking articulate mature disciplinarian

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    Seeking articulate mature disciplinarian

    I am a retired male 63yrs of age but deep down still very much a very naughty boy. I have many years experience gained from visiting a retired nurse who role-played as my strict Aunt. Over the years I visited her she introduced me to many new experiences including being strapped, tawsed, caned, anal vibrators, butt plugs, restraint (both my private parts as well as my arms and legs), blindfolds and enemas.
    I am a non smoker, keep myself trim and active and have a shapely and very spankable resilient unblemished bottom. Utmost discretion and hygiene assured and expected.

    Having suppressed the desire to be scolded and dealt with as a very naughty boy for several years I am now finding it increasingly more difficult to do so. I soon realised how difficult it was to find a mature assertive lady who would relish dealing with me therefore in more recent times I have visited a few understanding and sincere mature authoritative gentlemen.
    It is as much the shame & embarrassment of having my bottom gradually bared and being exposed, inspected, fondled and scolded like a very naughty boy as it is the sting in my bottom for being soundly spanked, strapped and caned.

    If the above is of interest and you are able to accommodate discreetly then I would be happy to hear from you.

    Your sincerely

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    Good luck with your search Phillip and welcome to Ouch - in the meantime maybe this will suffice

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