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Thread: Party Guide for New Members

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    Party Guide for New Members

    (Originally posted by The General in the Party section)

    As we enter our 10th year of hosting spanking and CP events I have decided to update the information pertaining to same. If you are considering coming to a party please take a few minutes to read through this guide.

    In 2010, Sir Nick and I were handed a fantastic opportunity to assume the mantle and the very big shoes left by the iconic Miss Foxxx Vixen (RIP 2015) who ran the Pssst spanking socials for a number of years. After a great deal of thought,negotiations with various venues and heart searching as to whether we really could ever hope to hold parties as successful as those that had gone before we decided to give it "our best shot".

    In September 2010, Ouch was "born". Many people who attended those very early parties are still on board today. It was a good two years of hard work,venue refurbishment and ,I suppose, networking.It is the members who make the party what it is today, and,I hope will continue to be for many years to come.

    On hold due to Covid19

    The parties are often over subscribed and in part, the reason is this. Sir Nick and I have done a physical "assessment" of how many people can comfortably play at any one time and the number comes out to 23. We want to ensure everyone who comes to ouch can,if they have the chance to play, play in comfort with no need to rush or feel pressured. We are aware for many Ouch is the only chance they actually do get to play.

    It is therefore not reasonable to pack in all the people who request places most months. Occasionally we make an exception,e.g Christmas but broadly we have to find a way of not only allocating places fairly but ensuring a good mix of people. Inevitably this does mean each month some people do not make the list. We have tried a number of ways of doing this and realise that we cannot please everyone all the time!

    Once places are full there is a reserve list held. Most parties DO see a couple of cancellations and again these places are allocated on a best fit basis.

    If you are brand new and cannot find anyone to invite you as a guest, then there are a number of other non vetted events we can suggest which Ouchers attend and you can get to know people who can vouch for you.for example the Workers playtime munch.

    There is currently a very long waiting list for single gents, and while we do hope to invite some , generally the places are accepted by our exiting members.

    Saturday/Sunday price is 15 per person,to include free soft drinks,tea and coffee. Contributions to a buffet are always appreciated.We provide core items such as french bread and cheese.
    There is no alcohol license, you may BYOB.We do ask this is stored behind the bar.

    We can offer a buddy service if you are feeling nervous. We will match you with an existing party goer. We sometimes ask for buddy volunteers who will display a badge and who have agreed to answer any questions on the day. However we do find because we restrict the flow of newcomers this is not often needed. Everyone is friendly!

    The venue has a number of private rooms, a well equipped dungeon , an authentic schoolroom which sometimes offers a "school" session at Saturday parties, and a comfortable socialising area.
    We also sell a small range of CP implements at cost price,e.g 9 for a cane
    In the downstairs hall we offer a "freebie" table where members can leave anything from books to basques for another member to have free of charge.

    A large covered courtyard provides a smoking area and a place where we BBQ in the summer months. Some parties are themed, although there is never any pressure to participate in anything you do not want to!

    There is no formal dress code. People attend in anything from street wear to academic to fetish. There is a changing room for those who wish to change on arrival.

    If anything goes wrong at a party we need to know. I am pleased to say the number of complaints have been negligible in the time we have been running. However if something happens that concerns you, you need to say AT THE TIME.

    If you want anything clarified, message me.

    Telling me you are a Dom and I am a sub and I will allocate you a place is not going to work .

    The General : Site Owner
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